Monday, June 7, 2010

An Inside Look At PSS Distribution Services

Running a 3PL services company is no easy task. Just ask Gary Borne, President of PSS Distribution Services. Gary, who oversees a network of distribution centers in excess of 1 million sq ft., will be the first one to tell you that hard work and dedication is only half of what it takes to keep every operation running smoothly.

In an SJ magazine article titled, Special Delivery by Terri Akman, Gary was asked several questions about the food distribution industry. From forecasting weather to dealing with food recalls, PSS goes above and beyond to make sure every shipment gets to its final destination on time.

In the article, when asked about how much food he distributes and handles, Gary said , "I probably have over four million cases if tuna. I move about two million cases a month."

Moving such a large amount of tuna and other products every day presents unique daily challenges, as the industry is constantly changing. Gary talks about those changes in the article and says, "The rewarding thing for us is to pull it off every single day, to see the changes, deal with the changes, and learn from the changes."

To read more about Gary Borne and PSS Distribution Services go to for the complete SJ Magazine article.


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