Thursday, November 29, 2012

3PL Logistics FAQ’s: Terms of the Distribution Business

3PL Logistics FAQ’s: Terms of the Distribution BusinessYou may come across technical lingo you’re unsure of when in search of a warehousing and distribution company that fits your needs. To help with your search, here are some terms associated with warehousing and distribution and what it means for you:

Cross-Docking Programs: Cross-docking is when products are transported with little to no storage time between order and delivery. Depending on the product, cross-docking can help consumers save time, money and frustration with expedited delivery.

Cool Warehouse & Cold Storage: If you are in need of a warehouse to store perishable items, you are in search of a warehouse with cold storage capabilities. A cool warehouse will be able to store your perishable products at the correct temperature to avoid rotting, sprouting and insect damage. Just take notice of the location, as it’s a good idea for the warehouse to be near a market/growing area, heavy vehicle accessibility and an uninterrupted power supply.

AIB Audited: What does it mean when a warehousing and distribution company is AIB audited? This means that the company you are looking into has passed in-depth food safety audits and inspections by the AIB International. When a company has been AIB audited, they are among the elite warehousing facilities regarded as the best of the best! 

Don’t be intimidated by technical terms or warehousing lingo and spend long hours learning everything there is to know about distribution services – leave it up to the experts. If you’d like to know more about warehousing and distribution services, contact us today!