Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Right Fit for Your Business: What PSS Distribution Does for You

For over twenty-five years, PSS Distribution Services has been responsible for the warehousing and distribution of goods for numerous companies in the food, grocery, and consumer product industries. While our regular clientele know firsthand what it is that separates us from our competitors, some companies that have heard of us may not understand what it is that we do differently. In our mission to be the best choice for your third-party logistics, we offer many advantages to our customers.

A Logistics Company that Cares: The hardworking staff of PSS Distribution Services is dedicated to providing our customers with fast, timely logistics operations consistently and without error. This mission statement is backed up with a commitment towards positive, courteous attentiveness that earns the trust of our clients. 

Value-Added Operations: We offer multiple money-saving options to our clientele when handling their logistics. From simplified inventory management to reduced operational costs and integrated lot control, significant cost reduction is often observed by our customers. Clients who take advantage of these services see an improved ROI on a regular basis as well.

Conveniently Adjacent to Major Seaports: PSS is located within close proximity to the major seaports of New York, Wilmington, Philadelphia and New Jersey. This means that we are able to streamline our transportation operations to allow for prompt delivery of your freight.

All these benefits and more are always available to customers of PSS Distribution Services. If you’re one of the many businesses in dire need of logistics that work for them, please contact us immediately. We are happy to extend our services to companies in the grocery, food and consumer product fields.