Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PSS Distribution Services: 3pl Transportation & Warehousing Company

Here at PSS Distribution Services, we’re honored that large corporations, like L’Oreal Paris, continue to utilize our trusted 3PL Logistic services and make us their preferred carrier throughout the supply chain process. We are dedicated to excellence, helping us create the perfect environment for first class 3PL warehousing and transportation services.

We proudly serve several large corporations, deploying the very best in third party logistic services throughout the northeast region, including:
  • BumbleBee Foods 
  • Nonna Foods 
  • Sterno Corporation 
  • Boschi Food and Beverage 
  • And Much More!
We utilize advanced web-based technologies to not only help with quick and predictable results but to make our customers feel comfortable throughout the entire supply chain process. Whether it’s transporting food through a devastating snow storm or performing reverse logistics on a large inventory of items, we have the technical expertise to handle the most complex 3PL logistic job.

Contact us today at 732-992-1300 for more information on our leading 3PL logistic services or request a quote online.