Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going Green At Our Dayton, NJ Distribution Services Headquarters

A major construction project is near completion at our corporate headquarters in Dayton, NJ. In order to fulfill our commitment to environmental awareness, PSS Distribution Services is installing rooftop solar panels intended to replace our annual electricity consumption with clean solar power. The target completion date for the six-month project consisting of the 200,000 square foot solar panel installation is scheduled for April 2011.

Once they are up and running, the more than 2,000 230-watt solar panels will generate enough energy to equal the elimination of 2 million miles driven in a car per year or preventing the production of 750,000 lbs of carbon dioxide! The solar panels will be connected to the power grid through a Net Meter that allows the system to generate more power than the building uses during sun-filled days. This way, stored energy will be available to power the warehouse during days with less or no sun exposure.

We feel that this project exemplifies the environmental responsibility of PSS Distribution Services as a leader in third party logistics, warehousing and transportation in the Northeast.
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